Physical Removal is a phresh meme and right libertarian position on how to handle ideological threats to your libertarian social order. So today were investigating where this meme comes from and why people want to physically remove democrats and communists so to speak. Enjoy!

Issues discussed in this video
– The Libertarian Movement
– The Right Wing Grasp on Libertarians that emerged in 2015
– The need for intolerance in a libertarian society
– Is libertarianism a socially conservative movement

Machiavelli vs The Freedom Psyche:

The Rational Rise:



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Bobby Caldwell – What You Won’t Do For Love (Slowed & Chopped)
Vektroid – Calm
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Physical Removal are two words most commonly associated with right wing libertarians and people who are either a part of, or at least sympathetic to, the alt right. It has appeared as a meme across /pol, Twitter, Facebook and other social networks alike, often depicting acts of throwing communists and democrats out of helicopters, for the purpose of physically removing them from your social order. This being a meme that has emerged mostly over the last 2 years or so. And I think this meme was perpetuated by a sort of split in the libertarian movement online. A split mostly perpetuated by the migrant crisis. In which a faction of the group started emphasising the need for restricted immigration in the tradition of Murray Rothbard, Hans Hermann Hoppe, Ludwig Von Mises, Lew Rockwell and pretty much the entire history of libertarian thinkers. While another group in contrast rejected this under the guise of statism and assumed a position of open border. This being pushed by such names like Adam Kokesh, Jeffery Tucker and The actual US Libertarian Party, and furthermore people like Stefan Molyneux, Christopher Cantwell and even Alex Jones were called traitors and a lot of these types were even kicked from speaking at events, and when trump became increasingly supported by these people things just became more divided.

And it seemed that the most popular branch of libertarian movement online had taken a right wing approach to politics, and although migration was the first issue to espouse such a shift. Their general operations towards groups in their own countries began to change. Ideas that had become heresy’s in the libertarian movement since the days of Rothbard and Mises, were again becoming essential premises in the ideology, ideas like race realism, r/k selection theory, anti-egalitarianism, anti-democracy, European Exceptionalism and others. However, one of the most controversial of these tenants was that of physical removal. Which manifested itself not as much as a legitimate position, but as a meme. As a method of excommunicating from left libertarians and the so called cucks of the movement.

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