What if I told you that in Australia, and across the world, our higher education institutions are pushing language guidelines on students, telling them how to speak, how to behave and how to act? You’d most likely think that I’m mad, or at least lying; well that is exactly what is happening.

In the interest of my own education (And not wanting to be reprimanded at my own university) I’m not going to name and shame said places (However I can’t stop you doing your own research into the subject and finding them for yourself) I am however, going to provide you with direct quotations from university literature that is both publicly available and promoted on campuses across the country.

These ‘guidelines’ include trying to alter ‘sex stereotyping’ on campus, obviously to combat the rampant rape culture and sexism on campus that we know isn’t nearly as bad as doctored and phony ABC reports lead us to believe; to stopping the harassment and derogatory terms used to describe the disabled and those with mental illnesses (exercising my “able privilege” here I’m sure). Here are some truly horrifying examples of Cultural Marxism in action:

“Sex role stereotyping. Avoid terms which stereotype women or men”

This specific example encourages students to not use the term “Air Hostess” and instead use “Flight attendant”. Oh I’m sorry, I clearly neglected to mention the travesty of justice that “Flight Attendants” face at university.

Perhaps that isn’t enough for you? How about changing the order of words in an already existing term that alters it from a systematic form of oppression into an inclusive and appropriate term:

“Instead of ‘Mentally Ill’ use ‘Person with a mental illness’”

“Instead of ‘Visually impaired’ use ‘Person with a visual impairment’”

You’re joking right? Unfortunately yes. It’s utterly Orwellian. It doesn’t stop at a handful of Universities, oh no. This stuff is widespread, and everyone has a group where they can belong. The oppression Olympics never, ever ends.

“Patronising or demeaning expressions”

“Personal pronouns”

“Sex role stereotyping”

“Gender descriptions”

“Occupational descriptions”

“Word order”

“Language use for minority groups”

It goes on and on.

These examples are taken from multiple Australian Universities; none have been singled out and none have been publicly criticised, because they all do it. This is the state of modern academics. The far left Cultural Marxists and SJW’s have taken over. From a student’s perspective it’s frightening to see my peers buy into this stuff, the future leaders and innovators of the world are falling hook, line and sinker.

Well, how do we fight this? How do we convince people that this kind of language policing is one step away from banning speech that isn’t “desirable” and one step after that is thought-policing?

We keep doing what we do. We keep speaking our minds, pushing harder and harder, as Libertarians, as Conservatives, as Classical Liberals, as anyone who cares about Freedom of Speech or Diversity of Opinion. It is imperative for the future of our culture and our society that we make sure that we do not give in to this cancer.



Author: Tom Blake

Tom Blake is a student of economics