According to Australia’s popular radio broadcaster KIIS 1065 fm, “the Thinkergirls are a girl duo made up of gal pals Stacey June and Kristie Mercer talking all the thoughts you’re thinking but not saying. Why don’t boys want to wear condoms? Is Instagram depressing you? To travel or buy a house? Friendship breakup’s and how do I STILL have acne as an adult?”

If their mission statement isn’t banal or adolescent enough, they have decided to REALLY put their “thinking” caps on and provide their feelsy, fearaphobic, double-thinking, cognitively dissonant analysis of and rebuttal to Sonia Kruger’s recent televised statement about Muslim immigration in Australia.

Will their arguments hold water? Will they be able to THINK of something no one has thought of to save us all from both Islam AND racism? Or will the “Thinkergirls” need to rethink how to think? Or perhaps simply shut up.


‘No Go’ Zones in France and throughout Europe:

Migrant Sexual Assault in Europe:

Islamic Terror Attacks in Europe:



Author: Rob McMullan

Rob McMullan is a full-time musician, part-time philosophy buff. He operates a professional audio mastering studio on the Gold Coast, in Australia. He enjoys tormenting society with unpopular opinions, and his cat with a Nerf gun.