Jonathan Pie’s Rant:

With the complete takeover the American government by the revitalised Republican Party, Hillary supporters take to the streets rioting, protesting, and otherwise completely embarassing themselves and their cause.

Remember when Hillary admonished Trump for even suggesting he might not accept the outcome of the election if he loses? Where is Hillary now? Why isn’t she disavowing these rioters?

Remember when Hillary tried to use Donald Trump’s delay in disavowing the endorsement of a KKK leader as evidence of his racism and hatred? Why isn’t Hillary disavowing the violence that is happening in the streets of the USA – led by her supporters, who act in HER name?

The truth is, this violent turn heralds the DEATH of leftism in America. The anti-gun, anti-fascist democrats have resorted to the beginnings of some kind of pathetic attempt at civil war… because they have lost the war of ideas.

Fortunately, the violence won’t last long, precisely BECAUSE the left disarmed themselves, and because law enforcements are squarely behind Trump.

I believe that the Left is FINISHED in the West, for at least a century. It may take a while for them to get it, but their revolution came and went, and conservatism won – as it should, because conservatism leans towards self-governance, and away from the evil of globalism.



Author: James Fox Higgins

James Fox Higgins is a writer, musician and music producer, entertainer, entrepreneur and passionate philosopher. James has worked in the music business since he was a teenager and now resides near Byron Bay in Australia where he operates a recording studio and writes novels and articles. James Fox Higgins is the Editor-in-Chief of The Rational Rise.