By the end of this month I will be publishing my first novel The Ghost of Emily, through our new imprint Rational Right Press. It will be available in paperback, eBook and audiobook formats.

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The book is a philosophical science-fiction thriller, set in two timelines; one before, and one after the AI-driven apocalypse. The two main characters of the book are both anarchists: one by the default of his post-technology survivalist lifestyle; the other by his own rational philosophical conclusions about the world.

Below is an excerpt from the novel in which the latter character, Marcus, is waiting at LAX airport for his flight away from his homeland of America, to my homeland of Australia, where he plans to make a new life and avoid the social and political decay that is unfolding around him. While he waits in the departure lounge, the television comes to life with a broadcast of the inauguration speech of the new President being sworn in. She is the leader of the new Democratic Socialists Party of America (that has taken the place of the crumbled Democratic Party), and she is the Speaker of the House. When the President is assassinated, and the Vice President commits suicide, Nora Bronstein ascends to power. She is a caricature of Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel rolled together, but I believe that if Clinton had won the last election, much of the political content of this speech below would’ve been right there in a Hillary inauguration speech.




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