Why do left wing governments across the world institute policies that continually hurt private business interests, and therefore, their nation’s economy? And why do left wing political candidates run on platforms that, if they win, will be detrimental to all businesses effected by them? I’ve pondered these questions over many a cup of tea (Or a glass of wine, as the left so often drives me to drink) I believe- It comes down to a real and petty hatred of success outside of the limited sphere that is the public sector. For example, Jeremy Corbyn, who, during the last UK election campaign promised a rise in corporation tax by over a third, from 19 percent to 26 percent. Admittedly Corbyn is a Socialist and his shadow cabinet is as about as left wing as they come (With a shadow chancellor that publicly admits to being a Marxist, it’s hard to argue the contrary) But what about so called “Liberal” soft left types who are supposed to be “fair” while still valuing the private sector? What about former US president Barack Obama? Surely, he’s a Liberal; providing the best of both worlds? Economic strength with social and economic equity?

Well, sadly, not.

If you thought someone with Clinton/Obama politics was good for business you’re dead wrong. Obama (And by extension Hillary, as she made no sounds about changing this when she ran for president) Raised taxes on small business by allowing the tax cuts on families earning over $200,000 USD implanted by George. W Bush to expire. Indeed, President Obama did many things to unravel the work done to lower taxes and boost the economy that had been done by political figures closer to the right had done in the US years before. His famous “You didn’t build that” speech will go down as the most anti-business speech by any US president in recent memory. “Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have, that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges, if you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that”

I’m sorry, but what? I do believe the former president in a speech during his 2012 re-election campaign just told millions of hardworking people that their efforts, their sleepless nights, their blood, their sweat and their tears- would be nothing without the help of ‘Someone else” Some generous millionaire who sets up all the word’s small businesses? This was 5 years ago, it’s been talked about and laid to rest. But I believe, it’s a shining example of a branch of politics that pretends to be middle of the road, but is no better than the socialists. This, ladies and gentlemen is what I present as proof of the left’s true hatred of the private sector, of anyone with some money in their account and some hard work under their belt. The entitled vote-grabbing attitude of champagne socialists is obscene and in the words of former British Prime Minister David Cameron, it’s “Selfish” These ideas are nothing but poison for an economy, plain and simple.

And yet we continually elect politicians who drive private enterprise into the ground, we force the men and women who dedicate themselves to building something amazing to pay stupidly high levels of tax and tie them up in red tape. We’re guilty of it in Australia as well. The opposition leader, Bill Shorten has been hailed by his own former member base as having “The most anti-business” policies ever put to an election.

When will this stop? Nobody has any idea. Perhaps we’ll see a light at the end of the tunnel when we experience another economic crash due to the already irreversible damage done to businesses across the western world. We can only hope that the politicians of today can start to move forward, instead of backwards when it comes to taxation and business regulation.



Author: Tom Blake

Tom Blake is a student of economics