A moment of clarity, of understanding… and like lightning striking from a clear blue sky, an idea hits. You can hold it in your mind in it’s perfect entirety, you see it, you really get it—you grok it’s fullness…

And it’s an epic concept, it’s important, it could make people’s lives better, you feel compelled to share it!

A year ago I’d have tried sharing such an idea on Facebook, a couple hundred words maybe, putting it firmly in the category of a “long” Facebook post, and beyond the apparent attention span of most… perhaps to be met with the passive-aggressive refrain of “TL;DR” [too long; didn’t read.]

And in any case it was no more than the illusion of action, hollow accomplishment of the online keyboard warrior, mere social-media slacktivism. So much sound and fury, signifying nothing…

Anyone can write a Facebook post, zero barriers to entry, no commitment necessary, no accountability. And in a day or two the post is buried, silted over by the steady accumulation of the trivial and mundane.

In short, Facebook posts are too easy…

But nothing worth doing is easy.

Because if they really are such epic ideas, capable of profoundly changing people’s lives for the better, do they really belong alongside the incessant onslaught of lolcats and photos of people’s lunches?…

Of course I tried anyway… Tried for a long time. Occasionally there were sparks of curiosity, but mostly I was met with apathy, with derision. I despaired of ever finding my tribe, it was lonely, was I the only one that thought like this?… Just my partner and I ?… But in due course, empiricist that I strive to be, I had to accept that what I was doing was not achieving what I wanted. So I quit Facebook.

And yet the compulsion to share these ideas remained, and only grew stronger the more I learned, the more I recognised how crucial a time we’re living in and how essential philosophy will be to bring about the kind of future in which I want my daughter to grow up.

And then I met James and Rob, and rejoiced, for finally, after so many years, I’d found my tribe!… We decided to start this blog, so that when these ideas strike, we’d have an outlet, something more meaningful than a throwaway Facebook post. Something way more challenging, something requiring commitment… Not a sentence or two, but an entire article, proudly stamped with our names, a public declaration of our beliefs.

And because philosophy is identity, because we are our beliefs, and we may–nay, should!–be judged by them, to publicly speak one’s mind is to have the courage of the convictions which most make us who we are.

This is why we write, this is why we speak…

Join us!



Author: Sven aka Starfury

Sven is a Seeker of Truth, and is passionate about philosophy, psychology, and self-knowledge... =) ∞ <3