The elusive Independent Man has REVEALED HIS IDENTITY at the 5th Australian Libertarian Society Friedman Conference 2017. In this exclusive interview with The Rational Rise’s James Fox Higgins, Scott Crowe has come out of his state of anonymity and shown his face to the world.

Scott (IM) was a co-panelist with The Rational Rise, TrueDilTom and Danny Duchamp (NZ) at the #Friedman conference, discussing the alternative media.

Independent Man makes excellent presentations on issues of news, politics, economics, the media, and the general rekkage of SJWs. You can check out his highly popular channel here:



Author: James Fox Higgins

James Fox Higgins is a writer, musician and music producer, entertainer, entrepreneur and passionate philosopher. James has worked in the music business since he was a teenager and now resides near Byron Bay in Australia where he operates a recording studio and writes novels and articles. James Fox Higgins is the Editor-in-Chief of The Rational Rise.