After some internal debate over what to write about first (I had wanted my journalistic revival to be a comfortable wade into familiar waters) the dour proceedings of this weeks Federal Election in Australia – if nothing else – inspired me to leave Politics on the table for another day and write about the online death-cult that has reached plague-like status in recent times.

If you’re like me you’ve probably tried to engage one in a rational debate only to be swarmed upon by their comrades and soon enough be 10 IQ points down and suffocating in a sea of Buzz-Word Slurs.

But what have the Left ever done for usI!?





OK fine! But surely their most expendable contribution to society would have to be… Ladies & Gentlemen, without any further ado:

The Wardens of The Safe Space, the Left’s proudest & loudest Daughters and Non-White Non-Cisgendered Sons – The Social Justice Warrior (SJW).

BOOOOO! HISSSS! *Needle on vinyl scratch FX

Now before this thing gets too messy and starts to read like a BuzzFeed article I’ll push on.


So what do they do?

To take the Urban Dictionary Definition:

A pejorative term for an individual who repeatedly and vehemently engages in arguments on social justice on the Internet, often in a shallow or not well-thought-out way, for the purpose of raising their own personal reputation.

This I find to be a sound definition as it highlights the cornerstone of SJW enterprise: Virtue Signalling.

Why are people so in need of validation from their peers that they completely forego rational thinking and empirical evidence for the chance to be perceived only as morally right or ‘good’?

Is it purely out of fear of retribution from the other so very ‘virtuous’ SJW’s in the first place?

The SJW is the Gender-fluid bastard child of Political Correctness, Third Wave Feminism and the protection that social media allows its users.

That protection and freedom from consequence does not translate in the real-world, where face-to face discussions and the art of persuasion relies on body language, communication skills, confidence and most importantly the empirical evidence from which one can form an opinion.

SJW’s are ne’er to be seen in this arena as most of their real-world time is spent rigorously acclimatising their eyes to their phones and computer screens where they can opt-in and opt-out of consequential discourse at their leisure.

An example of commonplace SJW activity: 

  • SJW reads article on MamaMia about why Brexit is all about racism! Then see’s a friends meme posted on Facebook comparing Pauline Hanson to Donald Trump.
  • SJW puts two and two together to get five and jumps into a political thread online, ‘I am honestly in SHOCK about Pauline Hanson, so many DISGUSTING RACIST BIGOTS in this country! Australia was FOUNDED on IMMIGRANTS YOU IDIOTS!’*.
  • Fellow SJW’S proceed to express their congruent sadness and/or anger at the current state of affairs, ready to dogpile anyone offering anything bordering on FACTUAL INQUISITION, let alone an OPPOSING position!

* Australia certainly does have something to show for the positive contributions to society made by peaceful immigrants: that is, immigrants seeking to better their life by giving themselves the most opportunities available to them and being tolerant and peaceful to their neighbours.

Australia certainly does NOT however, have any obligation to mass Muslim immigration nor is there any foundation to the claims that ALL immigration = cultural diversity and cultural diversity = ‘good’.

Most Immigration discussions at present are centered around the outcomes of mass Muslim immigration into western secular society which has been unquestionably ‘bad’, thus far as seen in the EU and felt by all as a result of the ongoing violent ideological war waged by Islamists on the West.

We understand that SJW’s value the moral high ground over the factual evidence. So is it worth ever engaging one? And how should you most effectively deal with them when confronted?

In a recent podcast I listened to with Sam Harris, he states that most people stick to their views more steadfastly when questioned. One of the reasons for that is the strong emotional connection to our beliefs.

In recent neurological research (conducted by the University of Southern California) it has been found that our decisions and beliefs are firstly engineered by our emotions and then justified, if at all, by us rationalising them.

The main problem with this is that most people do not go through the process of rationalising their beliefs and when they do, often use questionable and incompatible evidence and reasons to do so.

The outcome of this process results in people who vehemently defend their irrational position with arguments based on emotions where the evidence is factually incorrect or unchecked.

This emotional connection also leads to confirmation bias, whereby people seek out information or anecdotal evidence they can use to prove pre-existing beliefs or arguments.

It’s safe to describe most SJWs as the above and there is further evidence of the lack of rational thinking in favour of rhetoric used by SJWs in Vox Day’s book, SJWs Always Lie – Taking down the thought police:

Drawing from Aristotle’s Rhetoric, which studies the use of language as a persuasive tool, in highlighting the difference between Dialectic (seeking truth through reason and logic) and Rhetoric (language designed to be persuasive or impressive, exploiting of figures of speech but lacking in sincerity or meaningful content), when countering SJW’s, Vox Day says, “The correct strategy, is to fight dialectic with dialectic, expose pseudo-dialectic with dialectic, and fight rhetoric with rhetoric.”

If you found that a little hard to follow, it means to fight them at their own game but outsmart them if you can: “Rhetoric is all about what emotions you trigger in the other person.”

Be sure to challenge pseudo-dialectic (dialectic arguments founded in a lie) with real facts and evidence and when they inevitably revert back to rhetoric your best option is to do the same or to get out.

Depending where you are in the world, it could be argued that the tide is turning for SJWs, that they have overplayed their hand and will die out in due course. I believe this to be true.

If we look at Brexit, Trump & Hanson as examples, it’s evident that people are pushing back against the punishing, depressive leftist narrative and the Political Correctness Police who have turned civil liberty into a micro-aggression.

I’ll leave you with a perfect example of fighting fire with hotter fire, i.e. destroying flimsy SJW rhetoric with better, stronger rhetoric. This is how you beat them.


Luke Heafey

Contributing Writer at The Rational Rise
Luke has been a working session musician since completing school in 2003, with experience in Corporate Sales & Marketing as well.
He is a natural story-teller, a keen student of Politics and amateur Philosopher.

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Author: Luke Heafey

Luke has been a working session musician since completing school in 2003, with experience in Corporate Sales & Marketing as well. He is a natural story-teller, a keen student of Politics and amateur Philosopher.